What is the options panel

Options Panel

The options panel can be accessed by select a tag from the right panel and clicking on the gear icon that appears in the toolbar above.

Scrapex.ai Configurator Section

The following options are available:

Required option:

Select this option if tag is mandatory to your data extraction workflow. Tags which are set to required will thrown an ‘Extraction error’ if not present in the page.

Extract option:

Select this option if tag is meant to be used for an action rather than extraction. Preventing extract on a tag will hide the preview panel and statusbar as well as other options like extractors, data-type, modifiers as there will be no data to extract out. The scraper dashboard will mark this tag as a non-extraction tag. This tag’s data will not be extracted out while using scripts either.

Data type options:

You can enforce data type to maintain data accuracy and consistency. The following datatypes are available

  • Text (Default)
  • Numeric
  • Currency
  • Integer
  • Text Array
  • Numeric Array
  • Currency Array
  • Integer Array

Extractor options:

Scrapex.ai also supports extraction from an element’s properties and attributes. It can be even extract out the direct HTML, convert the element into a JSON The following extractors are support

  • Text (Default)
  • Attr (Attributes)
  • Properties
  • JSON
  • HTML

Modifier options:

Scrapex.ai also support post extraction workflows to alter the data that is extracted out. This feature is not fully supported and currently only one builtin modifier is available

  • Trim Whitespace (Trims whitespace from the extracted text. )

CSS Selector

Scrapex.ai also supports custom css selectors. This is meant to be used in 2 cases

  • User already possesses css selectors from other products or scripts
  • It is not possible to make a selection using the visual configurator.

Click on the plus icon and enter in the CSSSelector of interest.

For Multi Select Tags, custom css selectors are disabled when prediction option is enabled. Please de-select prediction option to use custom css selectors