What are the Script editor panels

Script Editor has a right side panel that constitutes different views and configurations that the scripts are capable of using and interacting with.

Right Panels of the editor:

  • Settings
    • References
    • Params
  • Stores
    • Store Collection Names
    • Collection Data
  • Snapshots
    • Snapshot list


Houses the configurations for the user script.

  • References: Aliases which are short hand names used to refer a pre-configured scrapex scraper in a script.
  • Params: run-time params that are passed to the script using the params object. The default values to these keys are provided in the settings while these can be overridden using the script run panel.

Scrapex.ai Script Settings


Stores are scrapex’s data storage options which is capable of storing JSON objects and retrieving them, both in and out of a user script.

  • Collection Names: Named directories in a store that stores the data for the particular collection. This lists all of the current collections in the script
  • Collection Data: Individual data objects in the collection. These are stored with their user-provided IDs.

This panel also has the option to switch between the project store and the run store.

Scrapex.ai Script Stores


Snapshots are HTML data of the curruent page the user script is in. These can be saved on-demand. In case of script failure, all current pages will have their snapshots saved.

  • Snapshot list: Comprises of all the sanpshots saved during the current run.

This panel also has the option to refresh the snapshot list.

Scrapex.ai Script Snapshots