What is a script

Scrapex Script is a module that enables you to write scripts that crawl a website, extract data and perform actions on the data like storing, transformations, etc as well as complex interactions with the website like logging in or typing or navigating.

Sections of Scripts:

The primary sections of the Script module are illustrated below:

  • Runs Section
  • Jobs Section
  • Options
    • Edit Script
    • Export Script

Scrapex.ai Script Sections

Runs Section

You can see the details regarding the previous executions of the currently being inspected user script. Apart from the textual information, this section also holds an actions column using which you can stop a script that is currently under execution.

Jobs Section

Jobs are automated script runs that may or may not be recurring. The jobs section includes all previous jobs that were set by the user and their execution details. You can also create new Jobs using the toolbar in this section. With an additional options cog-wheel that includes an option to pause or resume all current jobs.

Scrapex.ai Script Jobs Sections

Add Jobs

Once you use the add new job option in the toolbar, a modal pops up that requires you to enter the following details for beginning execution.

  • Name of the Schedule
  • Number of times the schedules has to be run (Count)
  • Intervals to repeat the job at
  • Start time

Scrapex.ai Add Job Modal


Export Script

Exports the script config

Edit Script

Edit the current Script. Launches the Script Editor UI.