What is the configurator

Scrapex configurator is a tool that enables you to select and choose the elements from which you want to extract data out.

The configurator abstracts code so that you can set up a scraper with just a point and click interface.

Sections of the configurator:

The primary sections of the configurator are illustrated below:

  • URL Bar
  • Proxy Selector
  • Left Tools Panel
    • Navigate tool
    • Single Selection Tool
    • Multi Selection Tool
    • Nested Selection Tool
    • BuiltIn Tool
    • Meta Tool
  • Status Bar
  • Preview Bar
  • Right List Panel
    • Options Panel
    • Tag List

Scrapex.ai Configurator Section

Detailed information regarding each tool is in the next article

Here’s a simple tutorial to extract a single’s posts title.

Step 1: Choosing the elements on the page

On the tool panel on the left, you will find the “Single Select” tool which will enable you to select a single element on the website. Click on the Single Select and select the element of interest.

Step 2: Viewing Preview

When a tag is active, the status bar displays information regarding the tag. Click on the preview button in the status bar to open up the preview.

Step 3: Click on Submit!

Click the submit button in the bottom right corner to finish configuring your scraper