What is the Script editor

Script Editor is a tool that let’s the user describe a custom script that performs some pre-determined actions and configure additional parameters that could guide the script runner perform this action.

The script Editor works on a simple Editor-Console interface that looks like any other GUI Editor.

Sections of the configurator:

The primary sections of the Script editor are illustrated below:

  • Script title bar: Used to edit the title of the script
  • Quick Options
    • Close editor
    • Save Script
    • Run Script
    • Params override
  • Code Editor
  • Console
  • Right Panel
    • Settings
      • References
      • Params
    • Stores
      • Store Collection Names
      • Collection Data
    • Snapshots
      • Snapshot list
  • Script status bar Scrapex.ai Script Editor

Quick Options

  • Close editor: Used to close the editor and change to the runs page
  • Save Script: Save the current script and remain in the editor page
  • Run Script: Execute current user script with the given configurations
  • Param override: Supply separate runtime params that override default Params defined in the settings

Code Editor

A text editor where you are supposed to edit the user script for the scripted scraper. The logic here can be executed using jobs or the run button.


Code console that prints logs. There are 3 levels of logging available. logs, warnings and errors. Invoked by using their respective counterpart functions.

Script Statusbar

Displays the status of the current run. This can be; Not Launched, Scheduled, Running, Errored, Killed and Completed.