What is Scrapex.ai

What is Scrapex.ai?

ScrapeX is a no-code web data extraction platform that makes extracting data from websites easy, fast, and scalable.

Our team of experts have built ScrapeX to seamlessly handle workflows for web data extraction across various websites. The intuitive UI along with the powerful features enable users like you to solve unique and complex cases of web scraping.

Features of Scrapex.ai

Visual Configurator

Select elements to scrape with our no-code point and click interface. Configure a scraper in just a few clicks!

Ready to use scraper APIs

Scrape data from popular sites like Amazon, Walmart, Yelp, and more by using our ready-to-use scrapers Based in the cloud

Based in the cloud

No hassle of maintaining servers and databases. We securely save all your data in the cloud so you can download them anytime.

Export options

Extract data from any website and export it to a format of your choice - Excel, CSV, JSON, or just access it via an API.

Auto repair broken selectors

Bid goodbye to manual re-configurations. Our AI-powered auto-selector technology repairs your broken selectors to keep them up and running.

Handles any website

Scrape and store data from dynamic sites, navigate pop-ups, Single Page Applications and websites behind login forms. Bypass blocks

Bypass blocks

Captcha handling, automatic IP rotation, proxies minimizes the chances of being blocked Schedule jobs

Schedule jobs

Automate scraping and schedule it at your whim. Be it - seconds, minutes, weeks to any number of days.

Uses of Scrapex.ai

Competitive intelligence

Extract information from competitor’s web pages, price listings, monitor keywords and search engine result pages at scale and alter your content and SEO strategy accordingly

E-commerce and retail

Scrape dynamic websites for factors that impact sales like - pricing, user reviews, product description, stock and availability alert all without the risk of being blocked

Property and Real estate

Scrape popular real estate platforms for inventory, pricing, and more. Track appraising property value, monitor vacancy rates, and estimate rental yields.


Monitor your dream company’s career page. Configure scrapers to auto-detect and notify job listing changes so you have the most accurate data on the job profiles.

News & Media

Scrape data from a website’s investor relation section, track news, and public sentiment. Scrape information from a company’s reports and PDFs to gain insights about financial strength.


Track video game and gadget releases. Get timely alerts about sales and price drops. Scrape sites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, BookMyShow, and more for ticket availability.


Scrape government websites like SEBI, SEC. Use ScrapeX to get alerts about tenders, changes in policies, regulations & industry benchmarks

Sales and Marketing

Look up customers conversations and generate leads by scraping public forums, industry-specific websites, social media platforms and business directories


Scrape data on the latest policy changes, new drug trials, drug releases, etc. Scrapers even help you check up on vaccine availability on various platforms and check for slots.