What is Web Scraping

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the extraction of data from a website. Web data extraction can be integrated with logic to extract only certain data elements from the desired web page.

What are web scrapers?

Platforms and tools that help you extract data from the web are called web scrapers. Once you specify an URL (or a whole list of them ) to scrape data from, scrapers extract the data elements of your choosing based on the conditions you have configured into the scrapers. They help obtain huge amounts of useful data in a scalable and automated manner.

Web scrapers export data from web pages into a format that is more useful for the user; be it a CSV, Excel, or JSON. Since websites come in many shapes and forms and web scrapers help automate web data extraction at scale.

Why do people extract data from the web?

With more and more information being available on the web, websites have become a critical source for the most recent and relevant information. People use web data extraction for various purposes such as:

  • Monitoring SERP results
  • Collecting competitive intelligence for business
  • Finding jobs and openings on career portals
  • Price monitoring on e-commerce websites
  • Tracking web defacement attacks
  • Creating site maps and performing website audits

The challenge is not just in extracting data from websites, but also in getting it into the right format. Web scraping is changing the way users, businesses, and organizations across the globe view and use web data.

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